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The Top Five Reasons to Take a Yacht Charter

Taking a yacht charter is an excellent way to travel to places you have only dreamed about and best of all, the yacht’s staff treats each guest like royalty.

Going on a yacht charter is one of the most freeing and relaxing experiences in the world. Together, we will explore some of the pleasures of cruising.

Reason 1 – The Feeling of Freedom

As soon as I step on board a yacht, I know that my worries are over for at least a week. When the boat sets sail, my heart soars and I know that I have an amazing adventure ahead of me. In addition, I know that my workplace cannot contact me and I am free from the drama with friends. It is good for the mind, heart, soul, and body, to be totally “away from it all” on a yacht.

To truly enjoy this feeling of freedom, make sure to turn off your cell phone and leave your laptop at home. Besides, cell phone service is generally not available out in the middle of the ocean and everyone needs a technology break. Chances are, you won’t even miss your cell phone or lap top.

Reason 2 – Gorgeous Destinations

My favorite place to sail is in the Caribbean. With its variety of islands, the ocean changes from an amazing deep blue to an unbelievable emerald green. This is especially apparent around the Virgin Islands and St. Thomas where the water is a dark, deep blue. But in the Cayman Islands, the water becomes a gorgeous emerald green.

Yacht charters these days go just about everywhere. You can choose from beautiful destinations such as Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Europe. The breath-taking landscapes include everything from beaches and volcanoes to waterfalls and mountains. For those who prefer Europe, you can see history come to life there. Perhaps you can stand by the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy or gamble in the casinos of Monte Carlo or tour the Olympic Gardens and the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. The choices are based on the ship’s itinerary and the possibilities seem endless.

Reason 3 – Be Treated like Royalty

Being on a yacht charter makes me feel like a queen. The staff learns your name quickly and treats you with total courtesy. Most yacht charters are only a week long but the staff is gifted in learning your preferences and anticipating your needs by the end of the first day. They treat you as if you are honoured guests in their home.

In the dining area, the staff pulls out the chair for you, places the cloth napkin on your lap, and assists you with all of the courses of the meal. Besides, it’s not every day that you sit down to a four- or five-course meal.

Reason 4 – Almost All-Inclusive for Budgeting

A yacht charter is one of the few vacations where meals and entertainment are included in the package price. This way, travellers do not need to spend additional money unless it is their choice. Other perks include meals in the main dining room and the pool deck as well as nightly entertainment such as Las Vegas Style Shows, magicians, and comedians is included. But keep in mind that items that are generally not included in the yacht charter package includes spa appointments and alcoholic beverages.

When booking the yacht charter, you can also book shore excursions at the same time and pay for those in advance. Taking these additional tours through the yacht charter line ensure that your time at each port is well spent and safe. Shore excursions allow visitors to see the highlights of the port as well as enjoy additional time off the ship. In addition, traveling on a group shore excursion ensures overall safety especially in areas that could be considered dangerous.

Finally, paying for everything in advance and booking it through the yacht charter line is an excellent way to see exactly how much you are spending. The yacht charter line can even arrange the air transportation for their guests.

Reason 5 – Relaxing Days at Sea

Some days on a yacht are spent at sea due to the distance between ports. These days at sea are sometimes better than days in port. They are relaxing and you can do everything from working on your tan and swimming in the pool to catching up on the latest book. You can also take advantage of the day at sea by walking on the outdoor track or simply stare out at the majesty of the ocean with no land in sight. Nothing matches this feeling.

Coming Home

The worst part of a yacht charter is coming home. You will find yourself somewhat shocked that there is no pool to lounge by and most of all, you will long for the days when the staff treated you like royalty and you had no housework or dishes to do for a week. The only way to remedy this feeling is to book another charter right away.

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