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Suffering from Stress? Hypnotherapy Can Help

Stress can have significant consequences on both your health and your personal life. There are many reasons why it can occur: Trauma, work and personal relationships being the most common. People suffering from stress tend to overreact to situations. Not just in your head but physically too: Insomnia, palpitations, high blood pressure, severe sweating and shortness of breath are common symptoms, according to Cindy Galvin who provides hypnotherapy London services.

Everyone deals with and reacts to stress differently. Some will feed off it and become more motivated, while others will simply feel unable to cope. This reaction is inbuilt and based on the “fight or flight” concept. The problems begin when the body consistently goes into this mode for no “real” reason. Unfortunately, or brain cannot distinguish between the real and the imaginary when it comes to stress. Because of this, the body might consistently go into emergency mode, and this over-reaction is when mental and physical issues can arise: Particularly if it is ignored for a long period of time. Why? Because the body is literally exhausting itself and all that adrenalin must go somewhere. Because of this people can find themselves feeling angry, depressed and even cynical.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Many people have successfully used Hypnotherapy to help manage stress disorders. Of course, there are other roads to take, like medication, counselling and psychotherapy for example. Hypnotherapy can be utilised solely to deal with this disorder or combined. Some people understand why they are suffering from stress, but not all. In the first instance, it is important to understand that hypnotherapy will not stop stress. Instead, it helps manage it effectively and the statistics have proven it can be a very effective “tool”. Hypnotherapy helps people discover why they think and so overreact to situations by identifying underlying problems. Once this is assessed a goal is agreed. From there the hypnotherapist will use various techniques to help you reach that goal. Usually, after a few sessions many people will find they are more relaxed when faced with their previously stressful situations and will also have more confidence in managing and so dealing with it.

Hypnotherapy for stress is more about counselling than “treatment”. Being induced into a hypnotic, relaxed state allows people to explore below the surface and in doing so discover those subconscious feelings and memories that could be causing their severe reactions to stress: Feelings their conscious mind is suppressing. Initially the hypnotherapist will search for these underlying factors and from there use suggestion to change behaviour. Hypnotherapy is by no means considered “mainstream” treatment. It is considered complimentary or some might say alternative. However, the results being seen around the world are certainly making people stand up and take notice. The reaction to hypnotherapy, timescales are hard to predict. Some people react very quickly. If you are suffering from extreme stress and your health is suffering, hypnotherapy can help. Indeed, there are many professionals out there waiting to help and experienced in this specific field. All you need to do is make the decision and get in touch.

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