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Studying the Language in Spain

When you are planning to invest in property in Spain; whether you plan to live there, vacation there, or buy to rent out, you will do a lot better if you speak the language, says Maria Greaves from www.estate-agent-in-javea.com. Taking lessons before you go, or studying online will be helpful, but much better to learn from the locals.

Learning Spanish while in Spain can be an advantage: Since you constantly have to speak it in order to communicate, you will pick up the language faster and also be able to comprehend easier. Taking classes in Spain surrounds you with dedicated students who also want to learn the language; Spanish is spoken by 500 million people, all over the world.

1 Decide where you want to be in Spain; there are several national languages besides Spanish in many areas, which can be confusing. Even though these regions are bilingual and speak Castilian Spanish as well as their own language, it can hinder your learning process. In some cities, people prefer to speak in their mother tongue, which will make it harder for you to communicate. Cities such as Santiago, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Bilbao, all have a mother tongue that is different from Spanish; i.e. Catalan or basque.

2 Pick an area that is of interest to you: Large cities such as Barcelona and Madrid offer more history and entertainment, compared to smaller cities like Seville or Bilbao. Choosing a place to stay in Spain depends on where you are most comfortable. Larger cities also have other tourists and students, which may make it easier for you to blend in or communicate. Better still, coastal areas and tourist hot spots; particularly if you plan to rent your property to holidaymakers.

3 Invest in a Spanish class or private tutor: If you choose to take a Spanish course, you should enroll in an academy. Decide which is the right choice for you, by determining factors such as location, price, and cost of materials. Private teachers will provide one-on-one attention but may be more difficult, while a Spanish academy will provide the basics needed in order to communicate and socialise. Once you have the basics, you will pick up the everyday language, expressions, and idioms as you go along.

4 Staying with a host family is an excellent way to practice the language: If you plan on moving to Spain full time, see if you can find a family that takes in lodgers. This is an ideal way to find your way around the area while learning the local language, and searching for your dream home.

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