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School Cookbook: A Cool Fundraising Idea

Need a school fundraising idea? Try publishing a school cookbook says Amy Marks from http://www.fastfundraising.co.nz. Here’s everything you need to know to get the job done.

Everyone has recipes. Maybe they’re old family dishes or something conceived while just tinkering around in the kitchen. In any event, these creations are often delectable, mouth-watering, and must be shared. schools are always looking for ways to raise money. School cookbooks have been a common way to raise money. Here’s how you do it.

School Bulletin

Start by generating a buzz in your school. You can mention it in the bulletin or the pastor can mention it in the announcements. Ask people if they would be willing to donate recipes for a cookbook project. Chances are you will receive a strong response.

Cookbook Chapters

Once you’ve generated some interest, break it down into sections: meat, vegetables, pasta, beverages, desserts, etc. While a lot of folks might give whatever they want, it’s important to make sure you have gathered an adequate number of recipes for each section of your cookbook. You can either assign recipes or create a list, much in the way you would for a potluck lunch, to fill all your needs.

Make sure everyone receives proper credit for their recipe. Your parishioners are offering their recipes for free, so it’s important to make sure they’re acknowledged. If possible, offer them a free copy of the cookbook once it’s off the presses.

Book Layout

So, you have all of your recipes, and you’ve laid them out the way you want to. But how the heck do you print it? You can go to a local printing press if you want, but that isn’t necessary anymore. Doing so will mean a load of inventory that can make profitability a little more daunting. You can consider on-line cookbook publishers, but that isn’t necessary either. You won’t earn as much profit.

Print on Demand Technology

Try using print on demand technology. Doing so is much more current and will help you to eliminate a large inventory problem. But you do need to choose POD companies wisely as some will offer you costly packages. Try Lulu or Createspace as each of these options will allow you to create a book at a base cost per copy. They will also offer the option to sell the book at Amazon.com in case you want to reach a wider audience.

Kindle E-Books

Be progressive. You can release your cookbook as an e-book as well, which should be compatible with numerous formats (such as the Amazon Kindle), in order to reach a wider audience. Remember that this is just an option and not an absolute must.

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to rock your school with a sizzling new cook book.

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