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Professional Makeup Look

A cosmetic look that is appropriate for work.

Makeup is an essential step to looking professional and complete for a hard day at work. Keeping cosmetics to a minimum and appropriate will help advance in any career.

For your makeup to look professional it is best to keep it simple. Cosmetics can help you look and feel your best to face your upcoming boardroom schedule.

For eyes:

Use a vanilla shimmer eye color all over your lid and apply a matte color (A shade or two darker then your skin tone.) to the crease of your eye. For eyeliner, use a brown shade on the top lashes only. Add a quick coat of mascara. Don’t forget to fill in your brows! The most natural way to fill in your brows is to use a brow powder and brow brush.

If you find you are often in a rish in the morning, consider eyelash extensions. I got mine done by Janette at Designer Lashes in London, and they save me a ton of time over a week as I do not need to mess about with mascara, and also look perfect for work. I also got gel nails done with Jesabella – they look amazing!

For checks:

Apply a bronzer lightly to the cheekbones. Then add a peachy blush color to the apple of your cheeks.

For lips:

Line and fill in your lips with a neutral shade of lipliner and apply a clear lip gloss.

Things to avoid:

Avoid overly bright and very dark colours. They do not look professional nor do they help brighten your appearance. Colours can be fun for a night out or the office Christmas party but it is not the best for an everyday office look.

This look is not only professional but fast and easy to apply. Getting you out the door and off to work right on time!


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