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Paws For Thought – Take Time To Relax In Luxury Surroundings With Your Pet

The retreat in Waldron, East Sussex

It is officially a fact, not only can you improve your overall well-being with the best yoga techniques, but you can relax and enjoy yourself in the comforts of benevolent and well-trained dogs. This particular type of suggestion involves booking a spot at Paws for Thought for a memorable experience. This is a company that offers vegetarian yoga retreats in a beautiful house, strategically located in the lush and beautiful countryside of Waldron, Sussex away from all the conventional everyday distractions. More so, you can also carry your dog along as a companion for the retreat.

Paws for Thought was founded to fulfill the owner’s dream of combining all her passions and unique wellness escapades along with her love for dogs. Her primary goal was to provide pet-friendly vegetarian yoga retreats where people could have fun while at the same time engage in myriad forms of wellness strategies such as Yoga.


Improved physical and mental well-being- while yoga may seem like a new-age pursuit to some people, countless studies have proven that it has excellent benefits on your mental and physical health. In fact, these sorts of techniques have been practiced by prehistoric communities and have been passed down from generations to generations. At Paws for Thought you can enjoy the many benefits of yoga knowing your dog or dogs are also being very-well cared for.

Affordable service packages

Perhaps the single most important aspect of this retreat for many is the packages are pocket-friendly. The client can book a retreat that accommodates all their needs. More so, the rooms are quite luxurious and various packages are on offer to suit your budget requirements. While the rooms may not have TVs as watching TV is against the yoga retreat philosophy, Wi-Fi connectivity is available so you can keep up with your day to day activities.

Payment methods

The client can choose from a host of payment methods including PayPal and all major credit cards. Moreover, customers can also make or cancel bookings six weeks before the retreats starts. For those who want to book a particular retreat date but don’t have the funds at the time, it is possible to place a stipulated deposit amount upon which your place will be reserved for you.

When you think of the benefits of being able to enjoy one of the most luxury retreats near London available along with your pet, this holiday is a fabulous idea for those seeking to escape and wind down from the stresses of everyday life while engaging in wellness techniques. In addition, this is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your interests.

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