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Low-Carb for Weight Loss – The Facts

What are Low Carb meals?

Low carb meals is otherwise known as GI or the Glycemic Index which describes how foods are reacting in your body. A low Carb Diet will have positive reactions on your body because it cuts out foods that make the blood sugar rise.

These are mainly carbohydrates, but there are a range of other foods that hurt the system. Apart from losing weight your health will also increase dramatically. For example fatigue, mood swings and sugar cravings are common just by eating foods rich in carbohydrates.

Differences between low and high GI

Everyone needs energy in their daily lifestyle, some more than others. Carbohydrates provide the energy, made up of starches and sugars which contains glucose. Glucose is stored in our muscles and burnt off or stored as fat.Eating low carb meals every couple of hours will keep you going throughout the day.

Different foods take a longer time for this reaction to take place. Foods high in carbohydrates are converted quickly into glucose and those with a low content take a longer time.

Too much glucose in the blood stream will automatically turn into weight gain.

Foods to Avoid

The main foods to avoid are carbohydrates, starches, sugar.

These foods can be substituted for an alternative closer to the appropriate GI.

For example it is acceptable to use fructose instead of any of the other sugars. You may have brown rice and sweet potatoes and there is special Low GI Bread available instead of plain old white bread. These are all healthy low carb meals.

Sometimes it would take some getting used to, but using foods creatively you can make anything taste good.

Why should you eat low carb diet meals

It helps eradicate any calories out of the system with the increase in fiber.

Initially the thinking was that a high sugar intake during exercise gives the body a boost, but in fact a low carb diet throughout training actually increases endurance.

Studies have shown that people who live by a diet rich in GI will have more Cholesterol problems than someone with low-GI diet

Insulin, which produced from excessive amounts of glucose can cause breast cancer cells to grow

Refined carbohydrates can be one of the causes of the inflammation to the skin and a major cause of acne.

Diseases such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Strokes can be prevented with a diet low in GI content.

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