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How to Tell If You Are Suffering From Sinus Infection


Sinus infection or sinusitis is a disease caused by infection or allergy. When the sinus is inflamed by virus and bacteria, it will cause an infection. After you get an influenza, the seconder bacteria can make sinus get inflamed. You can also get sinus infection when your teeth are infected. The common stimulation of sinusitis can be air pollution, chemical irritation, allergen, climate change, injury in nasal bone, over smoking, dehydration, and even stress. When your immune system is low as you catch influenza and teeth, there will be a higher possibility of your sinus to be inflamed.

To diagnose sinusitis, you can see from the symptoms. Here for you to know the common symptoms of sinusitis.

  • Pain in facial area

The first symptom of sinus infection is sore in the upper face area: eyes, cheek, and forehead. When it gets bad, it can even be inflamed to the teeth, jaw, and along your nape.

  • Mucus and nasal congestion

If you get sinus in the nasal area, another common symptom is mucus in yellowish or greenish color, sometimes it also has smell. Along with the mucus you will also get nasal congestion because the inflammation will caused swelling in the sinus and inner part of nasal.

  • Reduction of sense of smell and foretaste ability

As you have problem in nasal congestion, the following effect is you will feel your sense of smell and foretaste ability weaken. The congestion will bother the aroma you can smell, and foretaste is highly related to sense of smell.

  • Headache

Swelling in sinus that happen constant can make your head feels hurt. In the morning, the headache will be heavier and hurt you even more as the mucus is gathered along the night.

  • Cough

This symptom occurred because mucus to be streamed to the rear of throat touch the vocal cords. If it keeps happened, it will stimulate irritation and caused a prolonged cough. The cough at night sometimes can be annoying and make you hard to sleep.

  • Sore throat

Because the mucus gets to your throat, you will feel discomfort called postnasal drip. At first, you might only feel itchy in your throat but if it’s allowed to be occurred in a long time, it will cause irritation and inflammation.

You can get more accurate diagnosis from doctor. When you feel those symptoms for weeks, you should visit the doctor before it gets severed.

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