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How To Lose Weight Without The Struggle – Plexus Slim

Anyone who has tried to lose weight in the past will know what a struggle it can be. I know first hand, as I tried many different diets before I found something that worked for me, and I was able to drop 20 lbs in just over 7 weeks.

I would like to tell you how I lost so much weight and I want to help others do the same.

I have been fat for as long as I can remember. My parents are definitely not overweight, and neither is my elder sister, so I think I must have got all their share. As a child I did not feel too bad about it, and even went through my teens without worrying too much about my flab, but when I started seeing my first serious boyfriend when I was 17 it really started to concern me. I was so sure he would meet a prettier, THINNER girl, and it would be goodbye to me.

Needless to say, this is exactly what happened, and my anxiety about my weight problem became anguish. I went to my doctor who sent me off armed with diet plans but I had the will power of a louse, and I could not walk past my local bakery without entering and leaving with a big bad of sugary “treats.” Food of course also became my comforter; my family did not understand how bad I felt, how could they? They had never been fat.

A friend and I were surfing the Internet a few years ago, looking for diet plans. As far as I was concerned she had no worries at all, she was 8 pounds above her textbook perfect weight.  But it bothered her, and basically when it cam to willpower she was as useless as I was. She would stick to a diet for a day then her hunger pangs would get the better of her, and she would think,” I will start tomorrow”, of course tomorrow never came.We looked at dozens of plans before we decided to join Plexus Slim.  We chose it because it sounded as if we just might be able to stick to it.

Well surprise, surprise! We did stick to it – it was actually very easy. All you need to do is add Plexus Slim to your water or juice and sip it throughout the day. The all natural ingredients help curb your appetite as well as give you an energy increase – the result being the pounds drop off without you really doing anything.

I did have the odd slip up, but at the end of the first ten days I had lost five pounds. Jennifer lost six; she was thrilled as she was only two pounds of her target weight.

While there are a plethora of different weight loss products on the market that claim they will help you lose weight, the truth is very few of them work – and even if they do seem to result in you losing a few pounds, you are not likely to be able to keep the weight off long term by using supplements, bland foods or expensive home-delivered diet meals. The best way to lose weight long term is to use Plexus Slim to eliminate cravings and decrease appetite, while eating adequate portions of easy-to-find, inexpensive foods, and lose weight naturally.



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Janet Mendo
My name is Janet Mendo and I was born in the UK but live in the US. I love anything to do with beauty and healthy living. I am married to a great American man since 2007, and we have two dogs and three cats; no children just yet. I write whenever I can and like to share my experiences with you all: Thank you for reading my work.

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