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How To Burn Ugly Belly Fat Naturally

Get rid of belly fat naturally and without taking any pills. Simple changes in your routine can shrink the belly. Additionally, do some easy exercises for toning and to work toward a flat stomach.

The most important change in routine is to eat six times every day. Space the meals 2 1/2 hours apart. For example, if you eat breakfast at 7:00 AM, then the following meals will be at 9:30 AM, 12:00 noon, 2:30 PM, 5:00 PM and 7:30 pm. If you are driving home from work at 5 PM, then move the last two meals later one hour (6:00 PM and 8:30 PM). Here are several ways that this will help to burn the belly fat:

* The stomach will never have a reason to expand like a giant balloon. Once the body learns that the expansion is no longer necessary, it will shrink the stomach back to normal size. This process takes about 3 weeks and, to be honest, you will feel hungry after the first meal of the day during the first 2 weeks because the stomach is still quite large. The feeling of hunger will go away after the second meal each day so you will only feel a little hungry for 2 1/2 hours.

* Second, you should no longer have that mid-morning energy drop that has you reaching for junk food. Feed your body nourishing food frequently and your energy level should remain naturally high throughout the day.

You will burn more calories doing the same activities if you eat six meals instead of three meals because the metabolism goes into hyper-drive every time it digests food. Eating a small meal instead of a bag of chips will keep the metabolism burning calories at the higher rate for a longer period.

You will not feel hungry because you will be eating so frequently. Your body feels hungry because it needs nourishment. Not feeling deprived or hungry makes it much more likely that you will follow through for the number of weeks necessary to burn belly fat.

Eat high protein foods at every meal. Protein goes right after belly fat and converts it into energy. The best seafood for high energy is fish that have fins. Avoid bottom crawlers such as lobster, crab and shrimp. Choose flounder, cod, haddock, etc. from cold northern oceans. Other choices for high protein foods include eggs and lean cuts of beef. Do a Google search for high protein foods and make a list of your favorites.

Eat dairy products every day, especially with breakfast. Some good choices are yogurt, Swiss cheese and skim milk cheeses.

Good carbohydrates are called complex carbohydrates. Our body can absorb them whether the food is raw or cooked. Your diet will fail if you do not eat fruits and vegetables. This is because complex carbohydrates are the workhorses that convert belly fat into energy. The process cannot occur if the complex carbohydrates are not part of the meal.

Bad carbohydrates are called simple carbohydrates. They cause the body to absorb even more belly fat. The main culprits are refined sugar and bleached flour. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy sweet foods. It simply means that the sweeteners need to be chosen from the complex carbohydrate group and the bread choices can be anything other than white bread, such as flat breads, rye, whole wheat, tortillas, etc.

Include fat in the diet — in moderation. Some good choices would be the variety packages of nuts as well as cooking with olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing, has a delicate flavor, and has all of the benefits of the fruit. Regular olive oil is from the last pressing, has more calories, and a very pronounced flavor.

Grill your meals instead of frying. Indoor grills are great for those who live in northern climates with winter weather. When you see how much grease drains down into the reservoir, you will realize just how much fat your belly has been consuming.

Stay away from carbonated beverages regardless of how few calories they have. Carbonation causes belly bloat.

Dance to your favorite music for at least twenty minutes each night. Dancing is a fun way to get aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is good for the heart as well as the waistline. If you are puffing well before the 20 minutes, do not stress about it. Your stamina will increase as the weight decreases.

There should be a noticeable difference after one month. Keep at it and burn the belly fat naturally.

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