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How Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Supplement Aid Weight Loss?

garciniaIn the past few years, millions of people have shown growing interest in natural garcinia cambogia supplement and its role in weight management. Garcinia cambogia extract is obtained from the rhind of garcinia camboiga fruit (also known as gambooge and brindleberry) and contains HCA (hydroxycitric acid).

Extensive research has been done on HCA and it has been clinically proven to stimulate weight loss. It helps body in eliminating excess fat through enhanced body metabolism, and other body processes such as reducing appetite, blocking fat production, and enhancing emotional well being.

So how garcinia cambogia supplement helps with weight loss?

Here are some pointers according to Stephanie’s article:

* Blocks Fat-HCA helps in suppressing the activity of enzyme citrate lyase, which is actively involved in biosynthesis of fatty acid in the body. Citrate lyase is an active link between metabolizing cabs and production of fatty acids in the body. When HCA is there in the body, this energy is not converted into fat, but is used in the producing glycogen in the muscles and liver. This prevents formation of fatty cells.

By improving the availability of glucogen in muscles, the body gets more energy to help efficient muscle growth. Therefore, HCA promotes healthy development of muscle mass. Furthermore, there is reduction in the formation of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides due to reduced citrate lyase activity. This reduces risk of atherosclerosis.

* Enhanced Emotional Well-being-HCA also promotes production of serotonin, which is a feel good neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. This is good for all those who are emotional eaters. With improved mood, they will have less inclination to eat snacks and other food items.

HCA also lowers concentration of stress hormone cortisol that builds up with time and have various harmful effects on body, including weight gain. Elevated cortisol levels also support build up of more fat cells around the abdominal area.

Excessive cortisol levels in the body also affect the insulin-blood glucose relationship. This reduces the energy availability, thereby stimulating the brain to send out signals for food cravings to gain more energy. By reducing cortisol concentration, you’ll experience less carvings for food and would soon start losing weight.

3. Appetite Suppressant-Aside from reducing food carvings by reducing the cortisol levels, the HCA alos suppresses appetite mainly due to increased glycogen levels. Enhanced glycogen levels stimulate the receptors in liver that transmit messages to brain that you’ve eaten enough. This reduces hunger, bringing about a healthy weight loss.

Choosing A Supplement

You should buy a garcinia cambogia extract hat has at least 50 percent HCA and no filler ingredients. You should take this supplement on empty stomach approx 30-40 minutes before your meals.

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