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Eyebrow Threading – Hygiene Issues Resolved

An ancient hair removal technique, eyebrow threading is a process by which unwanted hairs are removed at the root, assuring perfectly aligned eyebrows. This smooth, easy method of hair removal began in India and the Middle East, and is performed using cotton thread to trap hairs at the root. Eyebrow threading is affordable and quick, and because the hairs are removed at the follicle, it makes for a long-lasting hair removal technique.

eyebrow threadingCheap and chemical-free, eyebrow threading is an excellent choice for a more natural hair removal regimen. Eyebrow threading removes clean lines of hair all at once, making it quick and easy and relatively pain-free. Unlike plucking or waxing, eyebrow threading won’t leave your skin stinging and irritated, making for a smooth ride to well-kept eyebrows.

There is  a downside though, as traditional eyebrow threading is done using thread that is fixed about the hands and fingers in a looped fashion. A twist in the loop is made, and that twist is what’s used to pull out hairs from the follicle. In some salons, the mouth is used in addition to the fingers to secure this loop. Unfortunately, this method can result in threads cuts on the fingers, which can transmit infection between the client and the salon professional. Not only that, but having a salon stylist use their mouth on the string can pose a health risk to the client. After some inquiries, it’s even been discovered that some clients are afraid to get eyebrow threading done due to the possible health hazards of it.


However, the HELIX ThreadEase System is a remedy for all of these problems. This is a system developed by a trained Mayo Clinic physician, and consists of a revolutionary tool holds the thread in place without the use of fingers. With out the risk of thread cuts, or the need for mouth-on-thread contact, the HELIX ThreadEase System makes the art of eyebrow threading much safer and much more hygienic for both the salon professional and their client.


For more information, see www.helixhairthreading.com.

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