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Do Not Underestimate the Makeup Sponge – Tips for Flawless Foundation Application

Beauty-BlenderThe key to a flawless foundation appearance lies not just in the product itself, but in how it is applied. Makeup sponges should not be underestimated; they have been a staple in a makeup artist’s kit for decades. Those original sponges were designed for one-time use only, but since then the makeup sponge has evolved to last months even, given proper cleaning, of course. The now-famous Beauty Blender sparked the change and the makeup sponge will never be the same again. Shapes, sizes, textures- the variety available now is like never before seen, and this ability to customize the sponge is making them the ideal way to apply liquid makeup.

The key to the sponge’s ability to apply makeup lies in its absorbency; sponges will soak up the excess product to prevent applying too much liquid makeup. By doing this, the sponge eliminates irregularities, inconsistencies and streaks, leaving a smoother look that achieves the goal of every makeup artist, a look so natural, it appears there is no foundation at all.

When using a makeup sponge, apply a small amount of liquid makeup to the back of your non-dominant hand to act as your palette. Use a wet sponge to pick up a small portion of that makeup and start applying to the face. Do this by dabbing repeatedly, making sure to cover all the areas around your face. You may find that different sizes of sponges may help in your application; large, rounded sponges work well to cover large areas of the face, but for the more delicate areas and angles, such as under eyes or around the curves of the nose, small sponges with a square shape do a better job. Make sure not to wipe the sponge or drag it on the face- this will result in streaks and will make the makeup more detectable.

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When applying foundation, it is best to use a small amount of makeup on the sponge, only adding more as the product is used up. This saves your product and prevents over-application. After the whole face has product applied, continue to use the sponge in the same dabbing motion, but this time do so without applying more product. This will blend any areas that may still be apparent. As a finishing touch, use a wet sponge with powder makeup.
If the goal of foundation application is for it to be unnoticeable, undetectable and natural, then sponges are the best application tool for the job. Go out and experiment with the different sponges available to find the best ones for you and you too can achieve a flawless foundation application.

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