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Compare Air Coil Foam Mattresses

Being well informed is the first step to finding that perfect night’s sleep.

An air foam mattress uses air instead of coils and has two chambers, one on each side of the bed, separated by foam, as explained by the Best Bed Guide website. Comparing multiple air coil mattresses may be quite daunting, and it is not aways true you pay more for quality as I have but several cheap quality mattresses online. The questions you need to ask are not the same as they are for a regular spring mattress. Making a list will help you to obtain a more complete comparison. Being well informed is the first step to finding that perfect night’s sleep.


1 Compare the adjustable air pressure controls for the bed. Since you can adjust each side separately, you and your partner may have different preferences, which could lead you to choose a specific model. Even the remote control can be a source of frustration if the keypad is not back-lit and is hard to use in the dark.

2 Look for the material content and quality of the mattress covering. The durability of the fabric can be an important consideration if this bed is to be used more frequently than a guest bed. Ensure that it does not contain any materials that may cause an allergic reaction.

3 Speak to a knowledgeable salesperson regarding the steps that have been taken to avoid mould growth inside the mattress and the foam between the air chambers. Ask if this particular issue is covered in the warranty and how it is handled if mould is found in the mattress.

4 Check the foundation requirements for your selected mattress. You may be able to use your existing frame; thus saving you money. If the mattress does need a special foundation, the cost may be separate from the mattress.

Service Considerations

1 Review the warranty and return policies; some warranties claim a longer period than others. Watch for specifications about pro-rated amounts after the first few years. The return policy may charge a restocking fee if the mattress is returned after a certain period of time.

2 Take advantage of a sleep trial if the store or manufacturer offers one. Trials allow you to use the bed for a certain amount of time before committing to buying it.

3 Find out when the mattress can be delivered and if there is a charge. This could be the point that decides between two close choices, particularly if you have to wait several weeks for one.

Research on the Internet before heading to the stores; comparing prices online may help you narrow down the choices so that you can be prepared while shopping.


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