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Choosing the Best BBQ Steak

Many small businesses are starting to embrace the changing buying habits of individuals and are now reaching out to the internet in an effort to increase sales. One such example is my butcher in Wakefield who has started offering an online service. I asked Jonathon my local butchers, What’s the best steak for the BBQ grill?

The answer said Jonathon, is all about personal preference. Find out the grilling characteristics of different types of steaks.

Choosing the right steak for the grill is all about preference. Various types of steaks have different characteristics of flavour and tenderness. Learn about the different types of steaks and what’s best for the BBQ grill.

Rib Eye Steak Characteristics

Rib Eye, also known as Spence Steak, gets its name because it comes from the rib of the cow. Rib Eye is probably one of the most flavourful of all steak cuts. This delicious steak is served with or without the bone attached. Most avid Rib Eye fans claim the steak has more flavour with the bone in. There’s an old adage for Rib Eye, “the closer to the bone the sweeter the meat”. Even though Rib Eye Steak is packed with flavour, it is not as tender as some other cuts.

Top Sirloin Steak Characteristics

Top Sirloin is probably the leanest steak cut with very little marbling. Because this lean cut has very little marbling, it doesn’t have a lot of flavour. Most steaks don’t need seasoning, but Top Sirloin may be an exception to the rule to add some flavour to the steak. Tops Sirloin is also lacking a bit in the tenderness department. On the up side, Top Sirloin is one of the cheaper per pound steaks and with the proper seasoning can be a very enjoyable meal.

Porterhouse Steak Characteristics

T-Bone Steak and Porterhouse Steak are very similar cuts. Porterhouse is cut from the tenderloin and the top loin, with a bone separating the two cuts. Porterhouse has a larger portion of the tenderloin than a T-bone. Other than that distinction, the Porterhouse and T-Bone are basically the same cut of meat.

The Porterhouse Steak has lots of marbling and plenty of flavour. Because of the two cuts it’s almost like eating two different steaks. The tenderloin is much more tender than the top loin portion of the steak, but the top loin has more flavour.

Filet Mignon Characteristics

Filet Mignon comes from the tenderloin of the cow and is the most tender of all the steaks. Since Filet Mignon yields the small portion of the cow and is a very tender cut, it’s also one of the most expensive steaks per pound. Even though it’s very tender, Filet Mignon is somewhat lacking in flavour strength. If someone is looking for a tender steak with a mild flavour and doesn’t mind the expense, the Filet Mignon is the perfect choice.

New York Strip Steak Characteristics

New York Steak has a lot of fine fat marbling throughout the meat. The fine marbling makes a nice sizzle on the grill and has a great smell while grilling. It’s has a unique flavour with a bit of a greasy taste. If a person doesn’t like a greasy flavour, the New York Strip is probably not a good choice.

Choosing the Best Steak – My Personal Preference

  • Flavour – Rib Eye Steak
  • Tenderness – Filet Mignon
  • Smell – New York Strip Steak
  • Taste Variety – Porterhouse
  • Cost – Top Sirloin

Whatever choice is made, make sure that the proper steak grilling techniques are utilized. One of the most important aspects of grilling a great steak is to pick the right steak. When purchasing a steak, look for a steak with a nice red colouring and a bit of fat marbling for added flavour.

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