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Choosing a Hairdryer: What to Look For?

Yesterday my hair dryer died of unnatural death. I gave it an accidental blow to the table, there was smoke and it never came back. So I have to buy a new one. However, just doing a simple Google search for “top hair dryers” will cause you to realize that there are so many options, with so many possibilities, that it is necessary to do some serious thinking about the general characteristics before buying.


The amount of Watts of a hair dryer is proportional to the heat being emitted. A 2000W model produces more heat and therefore dry up faster than a 1200W model. Do not follow the rule of men that bigger is better! Only a very thick hair can withstand more than 2000W regularly without burning. If your hair is fine, use one with less power.

Variable Temperature Control

Excessive heat can damage your hair. The heat required for drying a freshly washed hair is not the same as that choosing-hair-dryerneeded to comb it when styling, so it is preferable to use a blow dryer that have a temperature control capable of serving all these circumstances.


Straight hair has different needs than curly hair; thick hair has different needs than thin one. Therefore it is important to look at the accessories that come with a dryer. If you use the dryer only to straighten your hair, you will need a concentrator nozzle, which sometimes comes built into the dryer and serves to focus the air to a specific area. If instead you want to give your hair volume, you’ll need a diffuser.


This is not a small detail, because spending 15 minutes drying your hair, trying to reach every corner of your head, with your arm raised and holding a dryer that weighs a kilo, can be a real torture. And if you do it often, it’s even worse. When it comes to weight, there are dryers that are very light, about 400 grams, and there are those that are very heavy, about 1.2kg.

Cool Air Button

The heat opens the hair cuticle. Therefore it is recommended that when you wash your hair, the last rinse should be done with cold water, which helps close the cuticle and make the hair shiny. The same applies to the air: the cold air at the end of the drying helps set the style and seal the hair. Some dryers have no fixed position of cool air, but must be constantly pushed, which is quite inconvenient to use.

Did you ever play rubbing a comb against your hair and then use it to lift a sheet of paper? What we did in fact was increasing the static electricity of hair.

The hair has a bad habit of being very prone to static buildup, either by brushing, towel drying or using hair dryers. These open the cuticle scales and increase frizz. Ionic dryers emit ions that counteract static electricity, smoothing the hair. They also act on water droplets making them so small that they can penetrate the hair cuticle and moisturize. There are ionic dryers that use tourmaline to enhance ion emission.


There is only one thing I can say about the price. You get what you pay for. If you want an awesome dryer you will need to spend more money, about $100. This is true for other heat styling tools as well, such as top rated curling irons.

Before yesterday I would never thought there were so many options. Now I have to make a list of candidates and pick the best one for me. Wish me luck!

PS: I forgot the most important thing! Your cat (if you have) will thank you if you buy the quietest dryer possible.

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