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Bohemian Fashion: Done the right way

The new bohemian fashion & style is a favorite among many celebrities such as Nicole Richie. This style pairs hippie looks from the 1970’s with modern day accessories for a down to earth glam trend. This is a fun look for anyone with a free spirit and a passion for an earthy look to their everyday wear.

There are many reasons that designers and famous women have been wearing this trend recently. It is so changeable and great for red carpet events and casual lunches with their children and spouses as well. Brumby boots look great with these styles too.

A woman in her 40’s will look stylish, but not inappropriate in bohemian wear. A teenager will be able to wear almost the same look and not seem as if she raided her mother’s closet. Both mom and daughter can share clothes and no one would notice.

The shades that are used in these outfits are not difficult to find. Earth tones like sage, camel and white can be used in any piece. Gold and dark metals should be used for the accessories. Metallic shades can also be added for a funky fashionable look. Brumby boots in brown look best with this trend.

Some basic necessities to have when creating a bohemian style are a thick brown leather belt, brown Brumby boots, long necklaces, tights and leggings. The shirt that is most common for this style is a peasant style shirt. These can be found everywhere right now.

Fun additions that are not necessary, but will surely create the perfect look include the bohemian style knitted cap and unique earrings. Scarves made with a large knit that are long and lacey are also beautiful.

While some of the items necessary for the bohemian trend will most certainly need to be found, you will surely have at least one or two now. Any of these bohemian style items can be mixed and matched for cold weather and warm weather days and nights.

Bohemian style communicates not just the colours, layers and the accessories of the style yet additionally the innovativeness and uniqueness of the one wearing it. This is the motivation behind why its popularity has taken its jump to the universe of the celebrities.

Have fun putting together your very own, unique boho style this season. You will be the envy of your friends and coworkers. When they ask you how you did it, just point them to us and they can read how, just like you did.

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