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Best Uses for CBD Oil

Most people take CBD oil because it contains so many potential health benefits. It is important to qualify that as these products are barely regulated – and scientific understanding of how they work is still in its infancy – do not expect some form of wonderful cure-all solution. What we can say with certainty is that many people do discover that CBD oil helps with their physical and psychological health issues. It can take a while to find a suitable product and dose – one of the drawbacks of these supplements is that there is no ‘fits-all’ solution – but when you do hit that sweet spot the benefits can be quite amazing. Here are some of the most common and best uses for CBD oil.

1) Pain Relief

It is believed that CBD supplements help to support the body’s endocannabinoid system. The neurotransmitters this contains – often referred to as ‘receptors’ – play an important part in how we manage and experience pain. It is believed that CBD plays a very potent role in helping these transmitters control the intensity of chronic pain. Plenty of people experiencing serious illnesses report that it does not ‘remove’ the pain, but instead simply makes it more casual and easier to get along with. Early research has found that a good proportion of people suffering from some cancers and multiple sclerosis find that CBD offers genuine relief – and early signs are promising that soon the same will be the case for arthritis.

2) Sports Recovery

CBD oil seems to considerably help to reduce the inflammation caused by regular physical exercise. Needless to say, the sports industry has been quick to latch on to this potential, and you’ll now find no shortage of recovery aids ‘infused’ with CBD. As the supplement is no longer considered a banned substance, it is widely used by many professional athletes who report that it helps to reduce their recovery times and consequently lessen the chance of repetitive/stress-related injuries. Once again it is thought that this is related to the endocannabinoid system and that these supplements work in a similar way to how we’d take a multivitamin for mineral deficiencies. It is simply replacing lost/reduced natural cannabinoid production to aid performance.

3) Dermatological Benefits

You’ll have no difficulty finding plenty of lotions and balms infused with CBD nowadays. Although there is some debate about the efficiency of topical ingestion, not many people will argue that CBD oil helps reduce acne and a host of other skin ailments in a good proportion of people. It is important to qualify that not everyone experiences beneficial effects – dosage and quality make a big difference – and some people are simply more receptive to supplementation than others. Where it does seem to work, the results can be quite incredible. It is believed that these benefits are derived from the supplement’s ability to regulate acne-causing hormones and inflammatory agents.

4) Cancer Treatment

Medical marijuana has long been used for helping people cope with the rigors of cancer treatment – although non-psychoactive CBD is really rather different. Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD alone can help people to cope with chronic pain (see above) while slightly reducing the physical impact of radiological treatments. At the moment, it is used alongside other formal treatment plans, although there are some very early yet promising signs that it could be useful as a preventative or even solution in some kinds of cancer. While you are unlikely to find any doctor suggesting that their patients take CBD as part of their treatment, most will agree that it does no harm and can certainly help in some cases.

5) Mental Health

Although many people associate marijuana with causing some kinds of mental problems (especially anxiety/paranoia) there are many who find CBD oil useful for helping to ‘take the edge off’ their symptoms. Much like pain as discussed above, people tend to report that it does not totally remove depressive or anxious thoughts but just makes it easier to cope with and process them. Early research is suggesting that we have barely even started to understand the potential CBD may hold for helping with all kinds of other psychological issues. Studies have already suggested it could be useful as an anti-psychotic, have applications in substance abuse treatment, and have some kind of neuroprotective qualities applicable to Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Final Thoughts

These are five of the best reasons which help explain why so many people are taking CBD oil. There are plenty of other potential applications that are still not really understood by scientific research just yet. Very preliminary studies have indicated that there could be benefits to the cardiovascular system and that it may help to reduce the risk of dementia – but we will not be able to pinpoint these until many more years of research have been conducted. Perhaps the best thing to remember with CBD is that it does not have or cause any complications to more formal treatments. It does not present any side effects whatsoever – meaning that there is no harm in trying out good quality products to see if they may help with any ailment whatsoever.

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