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Bedroom and Home Decor 101

A description of three different home decor styles to enhance and/or decorate your rooms.

Home decoration, like fashion, changes every season for a more modern look, but with a new, added twist. For 2011, consider three different styles, Artsy Asian, Modern Art, and Boho Cosmopolitan, which all have a modern style, but with different accents to give each style its distinguishable look that matches certain people’s personality and particular lifestyle.

Choose Your Style

But before choosing the style the best fits your home and/or your personality, you must first ascertain your own personality and style. You can get an idea about your personal style from looking through your closet to check out your favorite clothes as well as tour your own place to check out your current home decor. Make a list of everything to get an idea of which 2011 style is the best fit for your home.

Artsy Asian Home Decor

The foundation of the room should be modern and neutral to set the base. Organize modern-looking furniture in neutral colors inside the room. Then, decorate the room with accent pieces from the particular style that you most prefer. For the Artsy Asian, add some exotic birds and wild animal sculptures as well as a screen with beautiful Asian artwork painted on it. Chinaware, teacups, and saucers should also have some Asian design or artwork on it.

Add some lamps and other furniture pieces that were designed to resemble some Asian structure, like a pagoda or temple, as well as some mirrors with decorative frames. Throw in some pillows with Asian designs or artwork on the couches. Add an Asian rug in the middle of the room. Make sure the furniture are all low, with simple and clean design, similar to the Asian style. For example, choose a low table, with pillows around it for seats. These pillows should also have some decorative Asian design. Add some Asian paintings on the walls as well as some curtains and a tea set with decorative Asian designs.

Modern Art Home Decor

For Modern Art home style, choose modern furniture in silver, chrome, platinum, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. The cushions should be in pale neutral colors to set the base of the room. These furniture, pieces and sculptures tend to look like modern art sculptures in an art gallery or museum. The rooms in this style will remain to be mostly in pale neutral colors, but with few colorful sculptures and pieces to make a statement and give a monotonous room more personality. These furniture, rugs, sculptures, designs and artwork tend to be in geometric and/or asymmetrical shapes or designs. Further decorate your rooms with such geometrical-shaped clocks, tables, chandeliers, lights, paintings, lamps, dinnerware, and chinaware. But remember to keep each room as minimalistic and simple as possible. An advantage of decorating your bedroom in modern style, is you can find divan bases in all sizes.

Boho Cosmopolitan Home Decor

For the Boho Cosmopolitan home style, keep the furniture in simple and neutral colors. But, the colors are now in dark, earth-tone shades. The accents will be designs, pieces, sculptures, rugs, throw blankets and pillows, large pillows that are used as seats, a tea set, and furniture from different countries. Pretend you are a nomad traveler, wandering through the worldwide streets, or interesting local stores, seeking pieces that have design or style from Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Persia, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, and Jordan.

Beautiful Home Decorating Ideas from Morocco

Exotic shapes, designs and artwork inspired from these foreign countries will further decorate the room. Add some wooden sculptures, dinnerware, and utensils. The rooms in this style will tend to look warm, relaxing, cozy and exotic. It will make you feel like a world traveler, who has actually traveled to these countries just to collect all kinds of interesting souvenirs and one-of-a-kind finds, such as beautiful bespoke rugs.

Be Organized And Have Fun

Therefore, when decorating your rooms, remember to keep it simple and don’t overdo it, or your rooms might look like a hodge-podge, chaotic mess. Be organized by creating a checklist of certain must-have pieces, emphasizing on the details. Look for few particular pieces in your particular style that will give the room personality. Try not to stray away from that particular style, or you will create state of confusion. Take your time as well as have fun decorating each room in order to make sure it looks perfect. Then, enjoy the end result, afterward, with your family and friends.

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