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Artisan Persian Rugs – What you Need to Know

Artisan Persian rugs are made with high quality materials by a skilled craftsman. Also known as the Iranian rug (Iran formerly being known as Persia), they are superior in quality compared to any Oriental rug: Iran has been renowned for producing the best rugs in the world for centuries. Therefore, when buying Persian rugs of the highest quality, you can expect to pay more than an average price tag – True quality and craftsmanship costs. Hence, buying an authentic Persian rug is somewhat of an investment, for many people. Here’s some things you “need to know”, that will hopefully help you choose the best quality for your budget.

Quality Materials

Traditionally, quality Persian rugs were made of wool, most often Afghan wool. Today, wool from New Zealand is considered the best in the world. However, it is also extremely expensive. Therefore, many producers will mix this with the traditional Afghan wool, or even local wool to keep the cost down. Asking what kind of wool has been used is a good question. What wool and what percentage the mix is a good indicator with regards to the rug’s quality as well as feel – New Zealand wool is renowned for being extremely soft. Modern Persian rugs are often made from a silk and wool mix which also makes them incredibly soft. You can read more about this on this page, which explains some

Elegant but Hard Wearing?

If your Persian rug is going to be placed in a heavy traffic zone, a silk and wool mix might not be the best choice. While soft and elegant they are trickier to maintain and clean than woollen Persian rugs. They also tend to be more expensive, but not as hardy. Something to think about!

What Knot?

The knot count is probably the most important of all. Basic point being, the more knots there are, the plusher the design and feel is. Therefore, better quality. Rugs of the highest quality can have three hundred knots per square inch. Cheap rugs are usually less than.  Artisan Persian rugs are made by hand. A densely woven rug takes more time to weave. Therefore, as you might expect, the higher the knot count the more expensive the rug. Make sure you know the knot count and ensure the rug is handmade (this can be done by looking at the character of the knot) – Machine made rugs can also be expensive! Also, understand that hand-tufted and even hand loomed rugs are not made completely by hand as is the Artisan way.

All in the Design?

A good indicator with regards to the craftsman’s level of skill is the design. A hand knotted rug with an intricate design takes expertise and skill. The probability is that a rug of this intricacy was created by a reputable producer. A detailed design takes longer to produce, and the materials used are usually of higher quality – Both of which mean a higher price tag.

With just the basic “need to know” knowledge you’ll have a better chance of purchasing “well”. Invest wisely and your beautiful Persian rug will be a long-lasting addition to your home.



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