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Are E Cigarettes Bad For Your Health?

The electronic cigarette market has continued to grow since the alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking were first introduced just over ten years ago and in a short space of time much has been said about them. A few easy searches online will throw up many e cigarette reviews targeted at finding the best fitting product for each user, but internet surfers will also be able to access many articles debating the health and safety aspect of the new devices all of which ask the same question – are electronic cigarettes bad for you?

Electronic cigarettes are certainly considered a healthier alternative to their conditional counterparts – the burning of a standard tobacco cigarette creates the release of a staggering four thousand chemical compounds most of which are toxic, carcinogenic or both. However none of these chemicals – many of which are responsible for causing lung cancer – are present in e-cigs. One constant that might still remain however is nicotine – users can determine the levels of nicotine in their e-juice (usually from full strength options right down to nicotine free varieties) and of course the stimulant remains addictive, creating that all-familiar buzz.

While it is generally accepted that they are a better and safer alternative to the standard cigarettes, questions still remain on whether the electronic versions can also be bad. The reason for the doubt is a lack of regulation which in turn is based on a lack of findings – given the products are relatively new, it has not been possible to study a large number of e-cig users over a period of years. Until this valid clinical data can be obtained, the debate will still rage.

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