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5 Ways To Get Yourself Fit This January

Take up a sport

Whether you have played lots of sport in the past or haven’t had a crack at it since school, it can be a great way to get in shape without thinking too much about the exercise.

Unlike running or going to the gym (which aren’t for everybody) it is hard to take your mind off the very obvious exhausting exercise you are doing.

Sport keeps your mind occupied on a goal and hopefully allows you to have fun whilst getting you in shape. If you are someone who says “sport isn’t for me” then chances are you haven’t looked far enough.

There is so much to have a crack at, from football to water polo, and hockey to Quidditch (yes it’s actually a sport now) so go and try some out, there is something out there for everyone.

Home workouts

It’s understandable that some of us are self conscious when working out so would prefer to do it in the comfort of our own homes.

Thankfully the home fitness world has developed massively over the last few years. As well as there being more fitness DVD’s, personal gyms and accessories available than ever, there is also plenty of advice awaiting you online.

Join a health club

Some people find the best way of getting in shape is investing in a membership of a gym or health club. The first great thing about a health club is that there is so much on offer.

Places like The Shrewsbury Club offer everything from a gym to tennis courts, from a swimming pool to Zumba classes.

Whether you feel more comfortable popping in your earphones and hitting the treadmill or a dance fitness class with a group of your friends, there is often so much on offer

Find a training buddy

Motivation can play a big part in why many people struggle to stick to a fitness regime, no matter the type of exercise. It’s always easy for the first week or two, but eventually those early morning runs become second best to the idea of an extra hour in bed.

If this sounds like you then maybe the best option is to buddy up with a friend. Working out with someone else, be it in a sports team, running together or going to the gym together can be that extra bit of support you have been missing.

With a friend or friends you can help push each other when one of you is perhaps being a bit lazy and at the same time compliment each other when you have worked hard.

There are even apps to help you and your friends along the way which can be a great choice!

Sleep Well

Not sleeping well? Get yourself a natural sleeping aid. Alteril is probably the best natural sleep aid you can buy. I use it every night, since I started sleeping erratically round Xmas time, and now sleep like a baby!

Alter your diet

The most common mistake made by people trying to get fit or lose weight is changing their diet drastically. Swapping their three meals per day for two kale and quinoa salads is only ever going to end in disaster because it just isn’t sustainable.

Try easing in healthier options, but not all at once. If you are hitting some high intensity workouts, find room for more protein in your diet and try replacing those despicably delicious junk food snacks like chocolate and crisps with things like plain mixed nuts, dried and fresh fruit.

At least a couple of these tips will ring true with all of us and hopefully help you find the right fitness regime to suit you. While advice is great it is ultimately down to your own hard work and commitment and knowing the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.


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